FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) — Education students from the University of North Alabama (UNA) toured factories from several industries as a part of the Shoals Chamber of Commerce’s workforce preparedness program.

Stephanie Newland, vice president of Workforce Readiness for the Shoals Chamber of Commerce, told News 19 that their goal is to make sure that teachers know how to apply the things they teach to other jobs.

“We decided that we would start introducing our educators to other workforce opportunities because most of them go from high school to college and back into the classroom,” Newland said. “They don’t necessarily see all of the other job types that are out there.”

Boone Carter, a UNA student, said that kids often ask why they are being taught certain lessons. Now, he’ll be able to explain how his lessons can be applied to a career.

“I was one of those kids. I was like ‘I hate this math, I don’t want to do this,'” Carter said, “but if I would have been shown the ropes of where I can apply this in my workplace, or where I can apply this science, it makes learning a lot more fun.”

The students toured G&G Steel, Dura Automotive Systems, TASUS, and Advantech.