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PHIL CAMPBELL, Ala. — Monday evening, viewers reached out to News 19 regarding concerning information about neglected horses in the Phil Campbell area.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office confirmed there is an investigation regarding neglect as well as animal cruelty, however not much could be released when we contacted them on Tuesday.

Captain Justin Trulove with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office told News 19 the horses were located at a boarding facility on Highway 81.

Trulove said deputies had been in contact with a complainant who told the sheriff’s office that the horses were purchased from a kill shelter.

The complainant, Annette Lipa, said she purchased the horses from a shelter in Moulton and was paying to have them boarded at the Phil Campbell facility until October 23; that’s the day Lipa said the owner of the facility was supposed to transport the horses to her in Kentucky.

Lipa said in mid-October, the boarding facility owner, “stopped communication; it was extremely difficult to reach her. She refused pictures, refused updates, refused…any sort of communication.”

Trulove and Lipa confirmed one of the horses died in the boarding facility’s care. Trulove added that Lipa had trouble getting a veterinarian on the property.

Lipa said the boarding facility refused to provide care for the animals. After concerns over the animals’ safety grew, Lipa contacted the sheriff’s office which has been investigating since the weekend.

Trulove couldn’t release any more information as of Tuesday but said investigators will continue working through the week.

As of Tuesday evening, no one has been charged.