Food levels have reached a critical mark for Shoals homeless population

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – With the sun bearing down and heat indexes blowing past 100-degrees, there’s a segment of the population struggling to survive.  The summer months can be just as detrimental to the homeless population as the winter.

In the Shoals, a food drive is underway to help this growing population of residents make it through this crucial time.

“It is a problem. It’s an issue, but we can solve it if we work together. So that’s exactly what we are trying to do,” said Beth Haddock with The United Way.

The United Way of Northwest Alabama has teamed up with The Homeless Care Council. Their goal is to get food to people who need it quickly.

“If you’re hungry immediately, it’s hard to say, ‘well on Friday, go down to the local food pantry and they will be happy to help you,’” explained Krista Manchester with The Homeless Care Council. “So, we want to collect these items and have them in bags and be able to strategically position them around the area.”

From now until June 27, residents can drop off non-perishable food items at any CB&S Bank in northwest Alabama. Manchester said there is a critical need for single serve food items which can be distributed.

“Summer time is often overlooked. Because it seems like fun to go camping in the woods, but not when it’s 100-degrees,” Manchester stated.

And for the hundreds of homeless people in northwest Alabama, it’s all about survival right now.

Here is link to the Day of Action Food Project with items which can be donated. This food drive is part of the United Way’s Day of Action on June 27.