FLORENCE, Ala. — Harlan Elementary School kicked off a week-long project called The Great Kindness Challenge on January 24.

The weeklong project challenges students to do acts of kindness for other members of their community both in and outside of the classroom.

School counselor Amanda Green, who organized the event, says that teaching kids to be nice people is perhaps more important now than ever before.

“I think anytime we can take a chance, whether it’s with children or with ourselves, to intentionally be kind to each other… I think we should do that right now,” Green told News 19.

Students are also being asked to provide donations to different local charities with each grade being assigned to a different organization. Teachers are trying to motivate students through daily events like inviting first responders or superheroes to the classroom.

The Great Kindness Challenge was originally founded in California in 2012. Now, it has expanded to all 50 states and 115 different countries.