Florence Recycle Center upgrading equipment with grant from ADEM


FLORENCE, Ala. – Employees at the Florence Recycle Center are hard at work, separating and sorting thousands of materials for future use.

Efficiency is key, and recycling manager David Koonce said that thanks to a new ADEM grant, that’s only going to get better.

“We apply for grants every March based on needs that we have here,” said Koonce. “They review grants from all over the state. They approved part of ours for $118,000 to buy a new baler, a compactor trailer, and some recycle carts.”

The recycle center serves the city of Florence and Lauderdale County Schools. The school system will be using the compactor trailer to make delivering materials to the center easier.

The new baler will be replacing one primarily used for baling paper products. Space at the center is limited but Koonce said the new baler will increase efficiency, packing even more materials into a single bale.

Asked about the grant, Koonce said, “These grants are certainly very vital to what we do here and really helped us advance and be better at what we do.”

It’s all for the purpose of keeping Florence beautiful today, for a cleaner tomorrow.