Florence Police Department prepares in advance for flooding


FLORENCE, Ala. — As rain falls, waters rise and the Florence Police Department is doing everything in its power to make sure citizens remain safe.

“So, our department started preparing for this weather event last week,” said Captain Brad Holmes. “We know that our area has been inundated with water over the last several weeks and so we do have some comparison from last year; the flooding that we experienced in February of last year will be somewhat comparable.”

Before the rain even arrived, the department placed barricades in areas they already know have the potential for flooding. Like McFarland Park, which is already flooded because of last week’s rain and the TVA pushing more water through the dams.

“Mother Nature’s bringing us up to seven inches in some places across the Tennessee Valley,” said TVA Spokesperson Scott Fiedler. ” That means we’re moving a tremendous amount of water through the system; today at Wilson, we’re spilling about 2.3 million gallons a second.”

Fiedler said that amount will go up to 2.4 million on Wednesday. He also said the TVA expects lake levels to rise about two feet by then. Florence Police want citizens to be mindful of those rising waters.

“If you do start to see yourself in a situation where the waters are rising, get out of that; get to higher ground quickly,” said Captain Holmes.

Holmes said if someone does find themselves in a water rescue situation, the city’s first responders are prepared to jump into action.

As always, police want to remind drivers that going around barricades is dangerous and illegal.

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