UPDATE: Florence officer credited for saving woman from structure fire

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – A woman is alive tonight thanks to the dedication and selfless actions of a police officer.

It’s not the first time this Florence officer has saved a person’s life in the line of duty.

Just before 10:30 Thursday night, officers and fire fighters were dispatched to a structure fire at a home on Hickory Avenue.

Officer Jeff Redcross got to the home first and spotted smoke coming from the roof.

Deputy Chief Neal Rhodes said officer Redcross immediately started looking for the people who lived there.

“He then found a female victim in a doorway,” explained Rhodes. “He immediately extracted her from harm`s way, and pulled her out to the street.”

Once out to the curb, Chief Rhodes said Redcross worked with fire fighters to save the unconscious woman`s life.

Rhodes said they performed CPR and eventually had to shock the victim to gain a pulse.

In 1996 officer Redcross was awarded a Lifesaving medal by the city for a similar heroic effort when he pulled someone else from a fire.

“It certainly is a demonstration of his character and his dedication to duty,” Rhodes stated.

Chief Rhodes said the police department will honor Officer Redcross with another Lifesaving medal in the coming weeks.

At last report, the 68-year-old victim was listed in stable but critical condition at ECM Hospital in Florence.

Fire investigators said the fire started from an extension cord which was run into a storage room inside the home.

They also say there were no smoke detectors in the residence.



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