Florence man decorates home with 34 Christmas trees

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FLORENCE, Ala. – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas inside one home on County Road 46 in Florence.

Homeowner Joey Krieger has not one, not two, not even three, but thirty-four Christmas trees set up all over his house. For his family, it’s all about tradition.

“Well, this started with my father years and years ago and then when he passed away in 2000, I kind of took over and inherited a lot of the things that he had and then we’ve added to it over the years,” said Krieger.

Krieger begins setting up the trees each year in early October so they’re ready just in time for the holidays. There’s at least one tree in every room in the house—even the bathroom—each with its own theme and design.

There is one main tree where presents are placed; Krieger is a band instructor and worship leader so it’s decorated with gilded musical notes and instruments. Another tree contains a collection of ornaments students have given him throughout the years. Other themes include a peacock tree, Crimson Tide tree, and hunting tree.

“I try to do different ones each year so that people who come every year get to see something different,” said Krieger. This year’s addition is a Polar Express themed tree.

Krieger says thirty-four is the highest number of trees his family’s had so far but they plan on moving soon, so if the new house is bigger, expect more trees.

The Krieger family invites the community to see the festive display for two open house events on December 15 and 22. To contact them, visit JoeyKrieger.com.

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