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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) — A Lauderdale County man is facing a first-degree sodomy charge after allegedly assaulting a teenager inside their grandmother’s home.

According to online court documents, Florence Police Officer James Hillhouse was called to go to the North Alabama Medical Center in regards to a reported sexual assault.

When he got to the hospital Officer Hillhouse met with the teenager and their mother. They alleged a man that went by the name “Rusty” had sexually assaulted the teen.

Andreas Ugene Jones
(Florence Police Department)

Rusty was later identified as Andreas Ugene Jones.

The victim told police that the incident happened at their grandmother’s house in Florence on June 4.

It was around 5 p.m., they said, when they went into one of the bedrooms to relax for a little while. The victim told the officer that Rusty came into the room about 30 minutes later and started asking about their sexual preferences.

Then, the victim says, Rusty grabbed them by the head and forced them to perform oral sex.

Afterward, court records say that Rusty “attempted to exchange phone numbers” with the victim. Rusty then left the room and didn’t say anything else to the victim in person.

The mother of the victim was able to provide authorities with screenshots where Rusty had texted the victim on the same day of the incident.

At 6:46 p.m., the victim texted Rusty saying, “this rusty?”

Rusty replied, “I want you please don’t say anything please,” along with a kissing heart emoji.

At 6:54 p.m., Rusty texted again saying, “Please don’t say anything.”

Rusty texted again at 7:16 p.m., “Wow now I’m scared.”

Officer Hillhouse was able to search through the victim’s phone, “Rusty’s” phone as well as both of their cell phone providers. He concluded that the screenshots were legitimate and had been sent from the phone of Andreas Ugene Jones.

An arrest warrant was issued for Jones, and he was taken into custody on June 24. His bond was set at $60,000.