FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) — One man is in custody on multiple theft and exploitation charges following several investigations by the Florence Police Department (FPD) into several thefts.

Frederick Livingston was arrested on August 8 by officers after he was spotted in a stolen vehicle, according to authorities.

The FPD says officers responded to a call for theft of property at Magnolia Gardens. The woman who called told police she had recently bought a car, but that it was missing from the parking lot.

She relayed to officers that she had been visiting neighbors in the building, but when she went back to her apartment, realized her keys and phone were missing. That’s when she said she went outside and realized her car was gone, too.

Later that evening, police saw a vehicle matching the description driving across O’Neal Bridge into Florence. Officers pulled the car over on Court Street and found three people inside. The driver was identified as Livingston.

Detectives then came to the scene and arrested Livingston on one count of first-degree theft of property and one count of third-degree burglary.

According to authorities, Livingston bought a vehicle from a local business on January 10, 2022, but never made a payment. The FPD says that he claimed the starter was bad and he refused to pay or return the car.

The seller then filed a police report, and after an investigation, warrants for first-degree theft of property were issued for Livingston’s arrest.

On top of that, Florence Police say Livingston convinced an elderly female into giving him her debit card and PIN number, telling her that he needed the information to help return her car parts. He is accused of using the card six times, withdrawing $580 from her account.

Frederick Livingston
(Lauderdale Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Following that investigation, warrants were issued for six counts of fraudulent use of a credit card, third-degree theft of property and second-degree financial exploitation of an elderly person.

All of the above warrants were served on Livingston, who was booked into the Lauderdale County Detention Center on a $52,500 bond.