Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services asks citizens to follow leash laws and speed limits


FLORENCE, Ala, — A Florence family is grieving the loss of a beloved family pet after it was hit by a car and Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services has a reminder to prevent future tragedies.

The City of Florence has a leash law where dogs cannot be left unattended unless they are contained or in some way under the owner’s control.

Animal Services Director Cheryl Jones also said that drivers should obey speed limits and be prepared to stop if something enters their path.

“It’s just asking for trouble,” Jones said. “Please, please, please do the speed limit and watch out—watch your surroundings and keep your pets under your control.”

Jones also said that drivers should pay attention to vehicles on the side of the road after a responding animal control officer was almost hit. If drivers cannot safely move over into another lane for a stopped vehicle, they should decrease their speed by at least 15 miles per hour less than the speed limit until they have safely passed.

Jones said pet owners who break the leash law could receive a citation and pay up to $300 in fines and court costs.