Florence Fire Rescue to test fire hydrants


FLORENCE, Ala. – All hydrants in Florence will be tested over the next two weeks, according to the Florence Fire Department.

The Florence Fire Department started the annual flow testing on fire hydrants. The department says that during this time, you may experience discolored water. They say the water is harmless and will clear after you flush your lines.

Tips When the Water is Discolored:

  • Do not wash clothing
  • If your clothes are in a wash cycle, do not dry them
  • Allow clothes washed in stained water to remain wet until the water is clear
  • When your water runs clear, rewash the clothing

Fire Chief Jeffrey Perkins apologized for any inconvenience the testing causes but said it’s done to help keep the community safe.

“The purpose of this is to know how much water, or the pressure that these hydrants will flow as well when these guys have to extinguish or have a fire in that area,” Perkins said.

Perkins added that maintenance also lets firefighters see how much debris needs to be cleared away from a hydrant for faster access in the case of an emergency.

If you experience any problems, call the Florence Gas & Water 24/7 dispatch number at 256-760-6490 or Florence Fire Rescue at 256-760-6475.

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