Florence Fire and Rescue hires 10 new recruits


FLORENCE, Ala. — The Florence Fire Department hired ten new recruits to become certified firefighters.

They put their training to the test at a drill Wednesday afternoon. The drill challenged their skills in raising ladders, hose line management, and victim recovery. A part of that training included search and rescue in the dark, a beneficial skill for operations occurring at night.

Sam Stevenson is one of the recruits. When asked what inspired him to become a firefighter, he said, “My father was a fireman in Huntsville for close to 25 years now, and I always grew up looking up to him and admiring with what he did.”

Recruit Lamarcus Wess had a similar sentiment. “My dad, he’s a fireman, been a fireman for 18 years and I just fell in love once I started going to the station and really seeing the brotherhood,” he said.

One recruit is already certified. The other nine will begin rookie school in March. Once the entire group is certified, the fire department will have a full staff.

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