Florence dog with special needs seeking forever home

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FLORENCE, Ala. — The animals at Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services love attention. And why wouldn’t they? Many of them are strays or have been abandoned—just waiting for the day to be reunited with their owners or find forever homes. Others are surrendered due to circumstances beyond their owners’ control. Such is the case of one-year-old Zeus.

“We were first made aware of Zeus back in August when he was hit by a car,” said Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services Director Cheryl Jones. ” The owner reached out to us, they needed some help so we had him looked at at Fisher Smith who diagnosed him an injury in the back and he wouldn’t be able to walk.”

The animal hospital suggested euthanasia—his owner said no. That’s when the shelter contacted Joey’s P.A.W., an organization that provides free wheelchairs for handicapped dogs. All was well until February when Zeus’ owner began experiencing health issues. That’s when Zeus was surrendered to the shelter. “And now Zeus is with us looking for a forever home,” said Jones.

WHNT News 19’s Jeremy Jackson with Zeus

Asked about how difficult it was to get a dog like Zeus adopted, Jones said, “It is, especially in a dog situation like Zeus but we’re hoping that there’s a special family out there that will be willing to help him and give him the life that he deserves.”

Jones said the biggest struggle with getting a dog like Zeus adopted is patience; it’s all about finding someone who can make time for a good boy with a big heart.

If you’d like to adopt Zeus or any pet from Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services, click here for more information.

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