Florence City Schools rushes to finish Pre-K only campus

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FLORENCE, Ala. – In just over a week, students in Florence will be returning to class. For a select number of four-year-olds, they too will be starting at the newly renovated W.C. Handy School.

Inside and out, there is a fury of work going on. For the better part of the summer, Florence City Schools has been in high gear remodeling W.C. Handy School. Built in 1951, it’s getting a new life housing the system’s Pre-K program.

“Right now furniture is being delivered to the classrooms, teachers are being trained for various things, televisions are going up that will be used in the classroom in the appropriate way, but everyone is working together,” stated Principal Michael South. “We’ve got the plan; it’s just getting it done.”

They have eight days until students are dropped off for the first day.

Earlier this year, school system leaders made the decision to place all 12 Pre-K classes under the same roof. Principal south says having them all here will help with consistency among students and teachers.

“We are looking developmentally and socially; helping to prepare them just for life. Getting along with others, knowing how to interact, critical thinking, but it is all hands-on,” explained South.

As the rush continues at the school, enrollment has been opened up to out of district students to help fill the remaining slots. Contact Florence City Schools for more information to register.

The W.C. Handy School will also have classes for 3-year-old’s and 5-year-old’s who may not be quite ready for kindergarten. All students in Florence City Schools report back to class on Thursday, August 8th.