Florence City Schools rebrands district; focuses on community

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FLORENCE, Ala. – Thursday morning it was high-fives and hugs for everyone at Hibbett School. Florence Superintendent Jimmy Shaw and his two assistant superintendents were visiting every school in the district.

It was a short summer for administrators. Not only was there personnel to hire, but they challenged themselves to re-brand the district.

Jimmy Shaw, Florence City Schools Superintendent

“This is your school system, but it is all our community,” explained Shaw. “If you bring together your system and our community, it will bring us together as one stronger Florence.”

As a new superintendent, Shaw wants to focus on the students and the teachers. He said professional development is important, but teachers can do better when they feel appreciated.

“Want to be a lot about student data and how do we adjust instruction based on student data. But the other part is going to be a large part about pouring into teachers and really getting to the heart of the matter about why we do what we do.”

Shaw said appreciation has a spill-over effect, adding “You can not give what you do not have, and if you pour into your teachers it will overflow into the students.”