Florence City Schools creates new fund to purchase meals for students unable to pay

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FLORENCE, Ala. - Breakfast and lunch are staples of the school day. For some, it may be hard to think of a day without them but child nutrition officials know the unfortunate reality, some students simply cannot afford to eat.

Florence City Schools has a solution to address that.

“Florence City Schools is lucky enough to have qualified for a grant for our Pre-K through 6th-grade programs,” said Tara Talmage, Child Nutrition Program coordinator for Florence City Schools. “All of those kids eat for free regardless of financial status, however, it did not extend over to our 7th graders through our 12th graders.”

The school system has a “Refuse No Child Policy.” It absorbed the cost for older students but now, that’s where the Falcon Fund comes in. “The Falcon Fund is a program and an account that we have set up to receive donations solely to help with the Child Nutrition Program and the children that don’t have funds to pay for their meals,” Talmage said.

She added that anyone can donate to the fund through a “My School Bucks” account. She explained that a donation to the Falcon Fund will help the entire school system. “Whatever is remaining as the negative impact, those negative balances on the school’s accounts, they end up getting paid out of the general fund,” Talmage said. That means taking money away from other needs like technology and education updates. The Falcon Fund will help to keep those programs from being affected.

But most importantly, Talmage wants donors to know that giving to the Falcon Fund could be life-changing for students because for some, their school lunch might be the only meal they eat that day.

To donate to the Florence City Schools Falcon Fund, click here.

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