FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) — Cornerstone Church of Christ in Florence is preparing to rebuild after losing its roof during a severe storm in early April.

News 19 first reported the storm damage the day after the storms. Debris covered the area for hundreds of yards, landing in nearby people’s yards and fields. After nearly a month the church’s minister, Greg Pollock, told News 19 that they are still in the infant stages of rebuilding.

Pollock said the morning after the storms hundreds of community members came to clean the debris.

“It was devastating,” Pollock told News 19. “It really was that night, but then the next morning when I arrived, the parking lot was already full from our community, from our church family, from our physical families. Some folks we knew, some folks we didn’t.”

Much of the church’s furniture and flooring will have to be completely redone, and several walls have separated from one another. Pollock says it’s not clear when they’ll be able to go back.

Pollock added that the church is structurally sound, which means it will not have to be demolished. However, many walls have separated from each other, and church leaders have not yet decided how to approach the issue.

“Until we’re told for sure ‘this is what you can keep, this is what you can’t keep’ it’s hard to know what the time frame is going to be,” Pollock said, “But it’s going to be several months. We’re confident of that.”

Cornerstone Church of Christ has moved all of their services to their teen center on County Road 200 in Florence.

Pollock told News 19 that despite moving into a smaller area, their congregation has continued to grow even faster than before.