Florence barbershop staff discusses inauguration and hopes for the future


FLORENCE, Ala. — It was business as usual at the Nu-Look Barber Shop in west Florence as customers made their way in for a fresh cut.

Barbershops often provide a space for open conversation and one unavoidable topic is usually politics.

“Every time you come in that’s usually the conversation,” Barber Ladek Mars said. “We’re actually told not to discuss politics in this business but sometimes you just can’t help it because you got a lot of people that got different opinions.”

On Wednesday, there was an exception. In between customers, Mars had his attention on the television as he watched history being made as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were inaugurated.

Mars said he noticed a lot of division among Americans in the past year and he hopes the new administration can help heal the nation.

“Just come together,” Mars said. “We got so much going on right now with the COVID—coronavirus, all that stuff going on. I just want to see everybody come together and make it dissipate.

Nu-Look owner Lloyd Underwood felt the same way and shared his hopes for the future.

“Moving forward, I think we all got to respect everybody’s ideas and opinions and that everybody’s not going to think the same, so I’d like to see the respect factor back in there,” Underwood said.

Underwood added that while there is a natural division when choosing a political party, it’s his hope that it no longer divides the American people.