Florence Approves Changes To City’s Alcohol Ordinance

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – On Tuesday, Florence approved modifications to the city’s alcohol ordinance. The changes will allow event centers to purchase an annual alcohol license to sell liquor at special events.

For the first time ever, events thrown in city parks will be allowed to sell alcohol. But the city says before any liquor is sold at the city parks, the event thrower must first apply for a one-time alcohol license and if approved they could sell liquor.

“I think the city council just saw this as an opportunity to make some changes and actually upgrade the ordnance so we can have a few more events and satisfy some of the public’s wishes,” said Phil Stevenson, media director for the city of Florence.

The application will also be open to government museums. The city says it hopes this can be a step forward and attract more events to the city.