FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) — The City of Florence has approved an agreement to provide animal control services outside of city limits.

The Lauderdale County Commission will vote on this agreement on Monday, May 22.

If the agreement is passed, Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services Director Cheryl Jones told News 19 that they will be able to hire two new officers to work in the county. This will allow them to keep the community and their animals safer.

“This will allow us to, at any time when there is an animal in danger or an animal that’s posing a danger, be able to go out there and respond and try to help keep the animals safe and the people safe,” Jones said.

The proposed agreement would only last one year. However, Florence Mayor Andy Betterton told News 19 that the agreement could become permanent if it is successful.

“I feel comfortable that it will be approved, and we will begin operating in the county as of June 1,” Betterton said.

As part of the agreement, both the city and the county would consider building a medical ward for the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter. Betterton told News 19 that having an on-site veterinarian would greatly reduce the costs of spaying and neutering, surgeries, and vaccines.

Up until now, Lauderdale County has not had any trained officers to deal with aggressive or hurt animals.