LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — 10 days after a two-vehicle wreck in Lauderdale County killed two people and injured five others, those victims are being remembered.

The head-on crash happened around 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 30 on Alabama 64 — about five miles east of Lexington. The two people killed in that crash: one-year-old Greyson Devito and his nan, 63-year-old Emma Wade.

Family, friends, and members of the community held a celebration of life Sunday afternoon for Wade and Devito. Mourners released hundreds of pink and grey balloons and several doves into the sky outside the Atlas Church of Christ in Killen.

Loved ones say it’s been hard to grasp losing not one, but two members of their family.

“March 27th was our birthday. We were going to celebrate on Friday, but you know she got killed on Thursday,” Emma Wade’s sister Ann Davis said. 

Davis tells News 19 her sister loved all her grandkids.

“Little Greyson – I think sometimes he thought when he was a baby that I was her. He would smile and he’d always go to sleep when I’d hold him,” Davis said. 

Wade’s daughters say their mother was selfless with a heart of gold.

“She always had to make sure everyone had everything. Our lunch boxes were stuffed with snacks,” Emma Wade’s daughter Sarah Wade said.

Brooke Davis, Emma Wade’s Daughter, adds “We had enough snacks for like three other people in the class. She was just – we were not going to go without.”

“We used to literally have teachers ask us to share our snacks if someone forgot their snacks,” Emma Wade’s daughter and Greyson’s mom Krissy Devito said.

While mourning the loss of her mom and one-year-old son, Krissy Devito says she’s been overwhelmed by the community’s support. She hopes everyone will remember her mom’s good heart and Greyson’s smile – something school teacher Beth Mansell says she’ll never forget.

“I would love to tell you about Greyson,” Rogers Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Beth Mansell said.  “Greyson had the most contagious smile. He had the most beautiful eyes and blonde hair. You just loved him as soon as you saw him. You just couldn’t wait to see him each and every week. It’s amazing what such a short life can have an impact on so many of us.” 

Four of Wade’s grandchildren continue to recover from their injuries as well as the driver of the other vehicle.