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MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WHNT) – The DreamVision Company is expected to announce plans for a $3.5 billion theme park known as SoundScape for Muscle Shoals on Wednesday. The corporate team arrived in the Tennessee Valley on Tuesday for a rehearsal ahead of the unveiling.

The announcement is at 11 a.m. Watch it LIVE on

DreamVision leaders also sat down for an exclusive interview with WHNT News 19’s Lee Marshall. The team discussed many questions viewers have asked after news of the proposed theme park broke.

First, why Muscle Shoals?

“I just feel so strongly of the opportunity to make Muscle Shoals known to the world for who they are cause they’re a valued thing in the arts community,” said DreamVision’s Chief Creative Officer Ron Logan. “You know that.  The world does not.”

Lee also raised the question about skepticism about the viability of the project.

Dave Goodman, President of Theme Park Development said,  “I don’t know why there’s so much skepticism to be quite honest.  I can’t think of anything more positive when you think about what’s about to happen with this incredible transformation that’s about to take place.  The transformation isn’t just about the land.  It’s about what’s going to happen to the people.”

The DreamVision corporate team also compared the land in Muscle Shoals to notable past parks built in a swamp and an orange field.

Following initial news of the upcoming park announcement, many local and state officials said they have no knowledge of the plans. Lee asked if this was by design.

“This is not just something that has been tossed in overnight.  This has been something that’s been going on behind the scenes.  So, we laid the proper groundwork and the proper foundation,” Bryan Robinson, CEO Provident Global Capital, LLC answered. “It was kept quiet on purpose until we had these events,” Robinson added.

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