FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) — After three weeks of business Struts On Pine in Florence has shut down and some of the employees say they are owed money for the work they did.

It’s been one week since employees were informed they no longer had a job, many of which, say they were left with no pay. According to employees at Struts on Pine just after ten, minutes before opening, they were told they’d have to leave. The employees say the business could not meet payroll.

Struts on Pine had only been open three weeks before closing.

Many of the employees News 19 spoke to said they started working before the restaurant opened its doors to the public, and worked doubles during those first three weeks.

“It puts me almost a month and a half behind in bills,” Former Employee Tymonica Vincent said. “I’m not qualified for services because I had a job. So right now I’m empty, no food, no utilities money. I can’t do any hygiene. I have other people who depend on me I can do anything.”

The sudden closure has left 20 to 24 people with money missing from their paychecks. Some got partial payments, others got nothing at all. Now one kitchen manager says he’s received countless calls from staff has decided to try to help out.

“It has me upset,” Former Employee Baranowski Church said. “Like I’ve had since last Friday when this was announced I’ve probably had one night of sleep and it hasn’t been a full night. My phone hasn’t stopped. I took it upon myself as the kitchen manager… I took it upon myself to start a GoFundMe to try to get some type of compensation for these guys and their families.”

A person identified as a manager said the owner is not responding to any correspondence from the former employees. a note on the door says the business was closed due to staffing issues.

News 19 has also reached out to the owner of the business and has not been able to get in contact with them.

The biggest concern for employees is that the only in-person Department of Labor Office is in Montgomery. Many of them say they don’t have a way to travel that far.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a similar issue, you should call the US Wage and Hour Division. The closest office is in Birmingham, they can be reached at (205) 536-8570.