MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WHNT) — The dry weather in Colbert County has significantly reduced the number of productive crops in the area.

Rick Lindsey, owner of Rick’s Farm Market in Muscle Shoals, told News 19 that he has gotten less than half of the normal amount of crops from local farmers.

“With the drought this year, five weeks of no rain, the main crop you would have had would have been in the middle of the summer,” Lindsey said. “It took out at least 50%.”

Lindsey said this year’s crop production is one of the worst he has seen since he opened his market 16 years ago. The lack of production has also caused farmers to raise their prices.

“You still have to do the same amount of work, but only getting half your product during a drought,” he explained. “So it’s really, really put the price on fresh-picked, daily-picked, quality stuff this year.”

He also told News 19 that farmers’ struggles may continue into the fall season.

“If we don’t continue to get rain, we’re not going to have a fall crop either,” Lindsey said. “Hence, the price of groceries and everything else, and the price of fuel and fertilizer. It’s just been a tough year this year.”

Lindsey said he supplies as much local produce as possible; however, to keep shelves stocked he’s had to travel to other states to get everything he needs.

News 19 Chief Meteorologist Danielle Dozier says the area has been very dry this summer. Muscle Shoals is more than six inches of rain below average over the last three months.