Donkey dragged behind truck in Franklin County now able to walk


FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. — In October, News 19 reported on an alleged animal abuse case in Franklin County.  Photos shared to social media showed the bloodied hooves of a donkey who witnesses said was tied to the back of a truck and dragged as a man drove down the street.

The donkey, then unable to walk, was left for dead in a pasture on Bond Cemetery Road but was surrendered to a concerned neighbor.

The neighbor connected with Singing River Equine Rescue. There, the donkey was named Jackson Browne.  The rescue’s president, Wilson Mitchell, provided a good update on Jackson’s condition.

“He’s walking better now but you can tell it’s still painful,” Mitchell said. “We’re giving him pain meds regularly and he’s through the antibiotic course and so we just do the best we can.”

New video shows Jackson Browne now able to stand and walk, although with a limp.

Mitchell said his recovery is far from over.

“We’re just going to keep going with the treatment of his front right hoof with changing bandages every two or three days and applying the topical treatments,” Mitchell said.

As for the investigation, Sheriff Shannon Oliver said the man responsible for Jackson Browne’s injuries will soon be arrested.

“The officer’s working on that; we’ll try to get him picked up pretty quick,” Oliver said.

Oliver said the investigator in the case has been collecting witness statements and as much information as possible to move forward.

Mitchell said it could take months before Jackson Browne’s injuries are fully healed.

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