FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – A Birmingham-based design firm contracted to make a controversial logo for the City of Florence won’t be working on the website portion of the rebranding project.

City officials confirmed Tatum Design will not be handling the rest of the project, but that the city of Florence will still be paying the remainder of $25,000 for the work that was completed in the first contract.

A second contract for the website would have been worth $75,000.

Florence Mayor Andy Betterton clarified the situation in a statement.

“The City and the company hired for brand consulting both agree that the branding contract is complete as set forth in the agreement, so there is no need to cancel it,” explained Mayor Andy Betterton in a statement.  “The City is evaluating its options for branding going forward and will do so with the input of our citizens and elected officials.  Additionally, we have decided to put the website update on hold and have mutually agreed with the company to cancel that contract.  They have been courteous and professional throughout this process, and I appreciate their work.  Like any other professional design consultant, the City welcomes them to submit a proposal for the website update when the City is ready to move forward.”

The logo uses the first three letters of the city’s name — a capital F followed by an L and an O arranged as an exclamation point — to form F! When the city unveiled the new logo, it drew immediate backlash and an online petition demanding changes.

The Florence City Council voted not to terminate the contract with the company in a recent meeting. They had planned to revisit the motion at their next meeting on February 15.

Officials said that the new logo design would not be replacing the old Florence seal for official business, but will instead be used on different projects around the city.