Credille case bound over to grand jury in Muscle Shoals capital murder case

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala – Investigators have released new information in the Muscle Shoals shooting death of Jason Lee Fox in August.

One of the suspects charged with capital murder appeared in court Tuesday morning for a preliminary hearing.

Shackled in chains, Credille appeared in Colbert County District Court at 9 am.

Prosecutors wasted no time diving into the relationship between Credille and Erica Fox.  She’s also charged with capital murder for the shooting death of her husband.

Muscle Shoals Police Investigator Kenneth Vess said there were no signs of forced entry into the Fox home, where Jason Fox was found shot in the head.

Vess testified Jason’s two pistols were missing from the home when they did inventory of the home’s contents.

A 9mm shell casing was found in the laundry room where Vess said the shooter was likely standing.

According to Vess, Erica Fox was having multiple affairs, including one with Credille.

Vess said Credille and Fox discussed killing Jason on numerous occasions.

Throughout his hearing, Ronnie Credille shook his head in disagreement as investigators linked him to the murder of Jason Fox.

In fact, Vess said there was an evening in June in which Credille sat in their living room waiting for Jason to come home.

During cross-examination, defense attorneys pointed out there is no physical evidence Credille was in the home at the time of the shooting.

Vess countered they are waiting for evidence to be examined by the Alabama Department of Forensics.

Vess also testified there were examination gloves found at the scene, and two doors down from where Credille was living at the time of shooting. The case will now head to a grand jury.

Both Erica Fox and Ronnie Credille are being held without bail at separate detention centers.

No word on when the cases will be presented to a grand jury.

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