Council Votes In Leighton Mayor

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A small Shoals community fills a vacant seat for mayor.

Lawayne Harrison served the town of Leighton for the past eight years as mayor.  He passed away last month after complications from heart surgery.

But the latest appointment to the mayor position is just a temporary solution.

Mr. C.S. Elkins filled in as the mayor of Leighton for the past month and after a vote at the Leighton Town Council meeting Tuesday, his duties as mayor will continue.

“I really think the mayor pro tem is the man for the job,” said Robert Ricks, from Leighton.  “He was the mayor’s right hand man and I think he deserves to be mayor.”

A Leighton resident named Justin Franks, who was not present at the council meeting, also announced he would like to become the mayor.

There needed to be four council members present to make a decision.  In a three-to-one vote, the council voted to make Elkins the town of Leighton’s mayor for the next six months, until the next regularly scheduled election.

It’s an election Ricks plans to watch closely.

“If a person wants to be the mayor of a town, I think it’s only right that he run for the job,” said Ricks.

Council member Shane Burney resigned at the end of the meeting, because he had recently moved out of the town limits.

Some now question, whether Burney’s vote can count to make Elkins mayor, because according to some, his planned resignation may interfere with the quorum needed to make a final decision.

With Elkin’s new title as mayor, and Burney’s resignation, there are now two available council seats open.

If you are interested in serving Leighton on the town council, stop by town hall and speak to the city clerk.

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