Community supports Sheffield family after fire destroys home


SHEFFIELD, Ala. – Days after a fire destroyed a home in Sheffield, neighbors and total strangers are stepping up to help the family who lived there.

The fire completely gutted the single-family home. Leaving a mother and her three children scrambling for a place to live.

Those donations came in fast. When the guidance counselor at the W.A. Threadgill School saw that the mother Ladaire Horrison was trying to reach her at 4:30 in the morning, she said she knew that something was wrong.

The mother of three told the counselor that a raging fire that started while they were sleeping on early Saturday morning, was completely destroying the place that they call home.

“I don’t know what woke me up. I just woke up and I thank God I did wake up,” said Horrison. “The only thing I could do was just grab the kids and get out of the house.”

Horrison said she worked hard to obtain this home. It was the culmination of her parental goals to get a place to live as a single mother to raise her three children.

“It was more than a home,” said Horrison. “It was more like a safe haven I had created for myself and my kids.”

She lost everything, but the community isn’t just sitting by. Donations from clothes, to diapers and cookware, bags of clothes, and much-needed accessories for Ladaidre Horrison and her children are coming into the W.A. Threadgill Primary School where the Horrison children attend. The gesture has been overwhelming.

“Our community has pulled together and wants to help in any way that they can,” said W.A. Threadgill Primary School counselor Maggie Williams. “Right now, we really don’t know what we need so it’s kind of hard to answer questions on what they need.”

“I’m overwhelmed because of the amount of things that I have been able to receive in just two days,” said Horrison. “That’s very overwhelming.”

The family says they are in desperate need of monetary donations as well. A GoGundMe page has been set up to receive monetary donations.

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