MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WHNT) – Several students from Northwest Shoals Community College have begun their careers as a part of the FAME program for Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) students.

The FAME program allows local businesses to sponsor AMT students. In return, those students can work part-time while also earning their degrees.

Program Coordinator Allison Mefford called the program a “win-win” for students and the industry.

“It benefits students because what they learn in the classroom is reinforced in the workplace,” Mefford said. “It helps the business and industry too because it’s like a two-year job interview.”

James Hill is one of the students 26 in the FAME program. He told News 19 that the program should give them an advantage over the competition.

“I think the hands-on experience we’re going to get at work is really what’s going to benefit us the most,” Hill told News 19.

Mefford said that every member of the 2021 FAME program successfully signed long-term contracts with their companies after graduating.