Colbert EMA and 911 operations welcome new director

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. – A new director took the reigns this week for emergency operations in Colbert County. A familiar face has replaced long-time Emergency Management Agency and 911 Director Mike Melton who recently retired.

Michael David Smith

On Thursday morning, the Colbert County Dive Team was training on underwater operations in the Sheffield swimming pool. On the pool deck, EMA and 911 Director Michael David Smith was still getting his feet wet. He took over the post in Colbert County on June 1.

“Mike Melton left things in great shape,” Smith said. “He left us in a position to be successful.”

Smith has spent his career serving the residents of Colbert County. For 20 years he worked in 911 operations, as well as supporting emergency management.

Smith stepped away for two years to begin the Fire Sciences Academy for high school students in Colbert County. He says momma called him home.

“We’ll be working as a team; with Jody on the EMA side, Shelly and Doris on the 911 side,” stated Smith. “It is a team that I feel like we’re going to be able to jump in there and accomplish great things.”

The incoming director said he will spend the first few weeks acclimating himself to his new-old surroundings.

“I told some of my employees I did go to Disney last week, but I did not bring any magic back,” Smith said jokingly. “So, it was something that was not going to happen overnight, and for them to just bear with me and we will be looking towards the future.”

Smith said he will miss the students he was preparing for community service, but this post will allow him to continue serving in a bigger way.