Colbert County town cracking down on speeders

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LITTLEVILLE, Ala. – If you drive through northwest Alabama here is your only warning. Fed up with speeders along U.S. 43 South, the town of Littleville is going “zero tolerance”.

It’s hard to miss the signs. Posted in plain sight along Highway 43, drivers are warned of the speed limit. But according to motorists themselves, people driving through Littleville blow past way faster than 65 mph.

“It’s pretty bad; people speeding and everything,” said Charles Bogue. “Not watching what they are doing, and it’s bad. From the flats, down there at the cotton flats, all the way into Russellville.”

Littleville town leaders petitioned the Alabama Department of Transportation to drop the speed limit to 55. The town believes with all the crashes they have seen along the roadway, speed is a safety issue.

But the state doesn’t see it that way. According to the Department of Transportation, they did conduct traffic studies in Littleville, and the number of cars and speed did not warrant a reduction of the speed limit.

Charles Bogue

Charles Bogue knows all too well how bad this stretch of roadway is. “My daughter-in-law got killed in a bad car wreck; killed a little six-year-old girl too involved in the wreck. It’s pretty rough.”

In September of 2018, Tina Bogue’s vehicle crossed the median and collided with an oncoming car. Jaleia Smith is the little girl who also died.

Tired of the crashes, Mayor Scott Howard says if the state is not going to drop the speed limit – they will strictly enforce it.

“They need to,” stated Bogue. “Really, truly they need to because that is the only thing that is going to stop it; people will slow down.”

The town suggests paying attention behind the wheel, and keep your speedometer at or below 65.

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