COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)- Road improvements continue across Alabama, thanks to funding from the “Rebuild Alabama Act”.

The legislation requires ALDOT to set aside $10 million from the state’s gas tax revenue, for road and bridge projects and officials in Colbert County have come up with a plan to maximize the funding to fix up to fifty roads.

The $6 million plan that covers 61 miles started last week. it will span across 50 individual roads throughout the six commission districts that make up Colbert County. The county is leveraging its Rebuild Alabama money in the form of a loan to do this large project. County Engineer Jeremy Robison said his department worked with the commissioners to identify the roads.

“We sat down with each commissioner looked at the maps for their district and tried to identify the areas where we had phone calls and complaints, identify the roads that hadn’t been resurfaced in a while and based on all that we chose all the roads with each commissioner,” Robison said.

Of the 50 roads Colbert County intends to fix Moyer Sutton is a through road in a subdivision that has a lot of temporary fixes in place. neighbors say they’d be excited for a full resurfacing.

“I think it is necessary,” Resident Troy Oliver said. “I think it will benefit everybody for this whole community… because right now when you come down you see everything just patched and potholed up it doesn’t look good.”

Now the county says it understands the benefits of good road infrastructure.

“Transportation is a big factor of quality of life,” Robison said. “Bringing in industry, bringing in more housing, its something that affects everyone so we really feel like we get a lot of benefit from our good road infrastructure.”

The county says the road project is projected to be done by next spring. With this round of funding, more than $145 million in state transportation has been awarded through the local grant programs created by the Rebuild Alabama Act. Projects have been awarded in all 67 counties.