COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Sheffield Mayor Steve Stanley confirmed to News 19 that Colbert County will no longer be allowed to use a Franklin County landfill to hold their trash and will begin taking their waste to Morgan County instead.

The Cherokee Industrial Landfill in Colbert County was shut down by ADEM in March after multiple code violations. Since then, the county has been using a landfill based in Franklin County to get rid of its waste.

Beginning May 4, Colbert County will no longer be able to use the Franklin County landfill either. Instead, they will begin to take their waste to a landfill based in Trinity, Alabama.

The Shoals Solid Waste Authority met on Monday to discuss adding a transfer station to make the process more efficient, but no decision has been made on that matter.

Colbert County Administrator Roger Creekmore told News 19 that county officials are also searching for alternative options that may be closer than Trinity.

It will cost $27 per ton to dump waste at the Trinity landfill, which is $2 more than the landfill in Franklin County. Colbert County was originally only paying $10 per ton to dump waste at the Cherokee Industrial Landfill.

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It is still unclear how long it will take for the Cherokee Industrial Landfill to be cleaned to comply with ADEM code.