Colbert County EMA director speaks on similarities between Katrina and Ida


COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. — In Colbert County, the Emergency Management Agency spoke on Tropical Depression Ida and the parallels seen when compared to Hurricane Katrina.

EMA Director Michael David Smith said in 2005, The Shoals was a hotspot for evacuees from the gulf, but the area still felt some of storm’s effects like heavy rain and damaging winds.

With Ida, Smith said emergency crews are going into the situation with a different mindset.

“When you think about those things as we start to prepare for this and the eeriness of it being on the same date and kind of the same path and looking at the same type of situation, so we do keep that stuff in the back of our minds and learn from our shortfalls that we had during that time to try to make sure that this time we’re prepared better,” Smith said.

Smith said residents should stay weather aware. Make plans ahead of time if you live in an area prone to flooding. He added with a tropical system like Ida, there could be flooding in other areas as well.

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