Colbert County crews search river for missing man

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SHEFFIELD, Ala. – Search crews combed an area of the Tennessee River Friday morning looking for a missing man.

Sheffield police said someone called 911 around 2:30 a.m. after watching a partially clothed man walk into the water at Riverfront Park and not seeing him come back out.

“Our witness picked up the ID and said hey you dropped this, and he said I’ll get it whenever I get back,” said Lt. Celia Mothershed with Sheffield Police.

Teams initially were looking for the man whose license was found on a dock in the park, but they later found him at work.

Sheffield police have two challenges, identifying who they may be searching for and the obstacles under the surface.

“We have got a current and there is also more pulling down that way,” said Lt. Mothershed. “We`ve got a wall here that creates current that goes both ways. So, of course, anything that is underneath there is challenging.”

Helicopters, divers, and boats with sonar have been scanning the area. They had to pull out just after three because of impending weather.

Alabama Marine Police, the Colbert County Dive Team, Sheffield Fire Department and the Colbert County Emergency Management Agency were searching the area.

According to Sheffield police, they are reaching out to the community for help in figuring out who the person in the water could be.

If you know of a white male who has not been heard from since Thursday night or early this morning, contact Sheffield Police at (256) 383-1771. The search will likely continue once the weather allows.

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