City-wide cleanup planned for Saturday in Florence

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FLORENCE, Ala. – Following the recent flooding in northwest Alabama, a major clean-up is set for Saturday morning. Hundreds of people will be walking the streets of Florence picking up litter moved around by flood waters.

As cars whiz by on Alabama Highway 20 in Florence there is an ugly reality lurking in the bushes to their right or left.

“I have never seen it look like that,” stated Ruby Castillo with Florence Recycling. “I don’t know if I am paying particular attention with the weather that we’ve had and all the rain, but it looks absolutely terrible and you hear people talking about it.”

Litter can be seen all along this particular stretch of road. Much of it was left here when flood waters from the Tennessee River receded. Now someone has to collect it.

“We take pride in the Shoals area, and in keeping Florence clean. We just need to all work together to keep that,” Castillo explained.

Castillo is helping to lead the charge. Hundreds of volunteers will be rolling up their sleeves Saturday morning to get dirty. Teams will be targeting areas throughout Florence and the banks of the Tennessee River to collect litter.

“We want everyone to know that Florence, it is rich in its heritage, but we also take pride in keeping it clean.”

The more volunteers who show up, the cleaner the city can be. Individuals can join teams for the city-wide clean-up, just meet at the Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum Saturday morning at 8 a.m. to register and get cleaning supplies.