City of Tuscumbia plans solution to prevent Main Street flooding


TUSCUMBIA, Ala. — The city of Tuscumbia is no stranger to flooding. Many areas have received their fair share of damage throughout the years, but relief is in sight for one main thoroughfare.

Mayor Kerry Underwood said at a meeting Wednesday, plans were discussed to address flooding issues on Main Street near the Commons Street intersection.

“The issue we have is water comes down the hill from the funeral home with only one inlet, which is way at the bottom in front of Calvary Baptist,” the mayor said. “The water just overwhelms that inlet and, in the process, it bleeds over and heads into residential yards and homes on its way down.”

It’s a problem that Calvary Baptist Church Pastor Darrell Pace knows all too well.

“If you ride by on Main Street, you can see that the sidewalk is level on our side here with the road, so when a flash flood comes, it just comes right over on us in the parking lot and gets in our basement,” Pace said. “It’s something we’ve dealt with for years.”

Pace said attempts at temporary fixes have been all but helpful.

“We’ve had our guys do a lot of different things around trying to repair and keep it from happening, but when water just stands, eventually it’s going to seep down in,” Pace said.

Underwood said the city will be installing additional inlets along Main Street that will allow the water to drain into the city’s stormwater system more quickly—and the city isn’t doing it alone.

“What we like about it is the state has agreed to pay half the cost for us,” Underwood said. “It’s 50 cents on the dollar to the city to get it fixed and it makes a lot of people’s lives better in the process.”

Mayor Underwood said he expects the work on installing the new inlets to begin in early summer.

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