City of Tuscumbia begins planning to improve drainage in three areas


TUSCUMBIA, Ala. — After two years of record-breaking flash flood events, the City of Tuscumbia is planning projects for three badly-affected areas.

Those areas are the west side of the Richmond Hills subdivision, the area of Gayle and 8th Streets, and Main Street near Morrison Funeral Home.

Plans to reduce flash flooding include adding retention ponds near Richmond Hills and Gayle Street, and installing two inlets on Main Street.

Mayor Kerry Underwood said the estimated total of the projects is around $1.5 million.

“It was just introduced to us, so, though we knew where the needs were, we didn’t know what to do.” Mayor Underwood said. “So, what is the fix, well, this is the preliminary engineering that’s been done that says, ‘if you do these, you’re good for 25 years,’ so, now we’re kind of digesting that and then we’ll look at, number one, funding, and number two, priorities.”

Mayor Underwood said it’s unlikely that any work will begin during winter. He said the City will take a few weeks to continue studying and receiving input on the best way to move forward.