City of Muscle Shoals expands Wilson Dam Road retention pond to prevent future flooding


MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. — In 2019 after heavy rains caused major flooding in Muscle Shoals, city leaders brainstormed ideas on how they could prevent it from happening again—specifically in the area of Wilson Dam Road and Roosevelt Avenue where a retention pond overflowed.

Floodwater damaged homes near the pond and some residents who were stranded had to be rescued by boat.

Mayor David Bradford said the city took action to improve the pond’s drainage in early 2020.

“We had one pump installed there but because of the size under the road, we were able to put a second pump and that increase the capacity of that retention area,” Bradford said.

That second pump was installed in April, but the mayor said he wanted to see what more could be done.

“I’d went and worked with the State of Alabama, ALDOT, to look at expanding that since we already own the property back to the east of there and was able to secure about $200,000 and we matched about $250,000,” Bradford said.

The mayor said the expansion doubles the size of the existing pond by length and width.

The expanded pond also comes with a few cosmetic changes. “We upgraded the fence to black, plastic-coated—makes it more attractive and we’re going to have to repave some areas of the road where the dump trucks because of the heavy weight had damaged it but we’ll follow up with that at the end.”

The mayor said crews are about 90 percent finished and along with the fencing and road work, all that’s left is to lay sod.

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