City of Florence prepares for influx of holiday recyclables

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FLORENCE, Ala. — The City of Florence Recycle Center is working full force to handle Christmas day recyclables, although not everything they’re receiving can be recycled.

Gargantuan mounds of materials are filling the drop-off area at the center just one day after Christmas. Kelly Balentine with the City of Florence Solid Waste and Recycling says the center can expect even more materials throughout the week. But with the large influx of recyclables, the city asks that citizens be mindful of what’s thrown in the bin.

“We want the cardboard but the packaging inside, we don’t want. And it’s a temptation, just, ‘I’m cleaning up my living room, I’m going to put the packing back in the box and recycle it.'” said Balentine.

The center also accepts level one and two plastics like milk jugs and shampoo and soda bottles. Aluminum and steel cans, and of course, paper, are also gladly accepted. Although, if you’re disposing of wrapping paper, make sure it can be torn. If it doesn’t tear, it’s made of a different type of material that cannot be recycled.

Glass is another item the center sees a lot of. While it is recyclable, they don’t process it at the Florence center and broken glass poses a risk to the employees, who process everything by hand.

The city applauds the citizens’ recycling efforts and wants them to know that they’re giving back and helping the environment whether they realize it or not.

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