City leaders allocate money for bike racks in downtown Florence

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Florence is on its way to becoming a bike friendly community.  City leaders will allocate close to a thousand dollars to put bike racks all over downtown Florence.

In two weeks, residents will start seeing new bike racks around downtown. The project will take over most of Court Street. But it will keep close to three dozen bikes secure and safe.

Jim Darnell, owner of Shoals Bicycle Shop, says he hopes this new project will keep his business thriving.

“Well hopefully, you know, it will promote people riding bikes. Therefore they’ll come here and get bikes from me to go ride them,” said Darnell.

Darnell has owned the shop for three years and believes this new project will benefit residents, especially UNA students when they travel downtown.

Council president Dick Jordan thinks the project is one downtown has looked forward to for a long time.

“We’re trying to get, you know, Florence bike friendly. And plus, we feel like it will help some employees that are working at the different restaurants or help retail outlets places in downtown. Instead of riding cars, they can ride their bikes and park in front of their store,” said Jordan.

Jordan says more racks may bought into downtown depending on the need for it.

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