CHEROKEE, Ala. (WHNT) — Cherokee High School (CHS) launched a new broadcasting club at the start of the new school year.

The club puts together a weekly newscast, which is played in every classroom on Tuesday mornings. Using a single camera, a green screen, and a monitor, the students have turned a small storage space into a recording studio.

Lakon Bunt, a senior at CHS, told News 19 that the club has been one of the most unique learning experiences she’s ever had.

“It was just something different, something new,” Bunt said. “None of us have ever really had experience with recording anything.”

Jonathan Owens, a staff member at CHS and one of the club’s founders, told News 19 that he wants to encourage their club members to set big goals for themselves.

“I feel like these kids didn’t realize that they can put on a TV show,” Owens said. “These kids are funny, great, creative.”

Teagan Lockett, a junior at CHS, said she had never considered journalism as a future career until joining this club.

“It’s helping me be more confident in myself on camera or in front of people,” Lockett said.