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MUSCLE SHOALS & PHIL CAMPBELL, Ala. — Northwest-Shoals Community College announced an additional round of CARES Act funding that will be disbursed to qualifying students, cutting tuition costs by at least half for the fall semester.

College President Glenda Colagross said it’s a great way to take some of the financial stress away from those looking to further their education.

“We’ll look at each student individually; once they’re registered for classes, they will get an email or a phone call and they will be able to come in and fill out an application for the CARES money,” Colagross said.

Colagross said the college isn’t just using CARES Act funds but also any available scholarship funds to help students as much as possible for the upcoming semester.

Students who apply for the funding must qualify by answering a short essay question explaining how the pandemic has affected them.

Colagross stated this isn’t Northwest-Shoals’ first allotment of funding, but it is the largest. The college has now received approximately $6 million.

“We received our first allotment last spring when we were shut down during the pandemic for the first time,” Colagross continued.

About 46 percent of students affected by the pandemic received funding in Spring 2020, and in Fall 2020, eligible students were able to receive $600 off their tuition.

After seeing lower enrollment numbers over the past year, Colagross has a word of advice for those who may be hesitant in going to college.

“A lot of times students think that they can’t afford college and if you talk to us, there’s ways and there’s monies, different kinds of money available to help students to be able to complete an education that they may not even know about without all this,” Colagross concluded.

The fall semester begins August 19. To learn more or start the enrollment process, click here.