LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Investigators have been trying to piece together an odd mystery over the past week after a car was found by divers in Second Creek in Lauderdale County.

Chaos Divers, a YouTube team that travels the country and searches bodies of water for missing persons’ cold cases, initially found the vehicle on Sunday afternoon, February 20.

Lt. Joe Hamilton with the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office says a Canadian woman eventually saw the story being reported, and when she saw the car, a 2002 Toyota Echo, she recognized it instantly.

Hamilton said the New Brunswick woman told them she was in the Huntsville area 20 years ago for business when her car was stolen.

As soon as she saw the car being pulled from the waters, she contacted authorities.

Hamilton said he asked her if there were any valuables in the car that he needed to find for her, but she said there weren’t anyway.

The lieutenant said the woman filed an insurance claim for the stolen car, but she said there wasn’t anything of worth. Hamilton said she never expected to see the car again.

Investigators are still trying to piece together if the car was stolen from Huntsville or another nearby city. Hamilton says no arrests will be made, as the statute of limitations has obviously well-been exceeded.