Burglary Suspect Runs After Gun Pulled on Him

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – An accused burglar came face to face with the business end of a pistol after bursting into a Lauderdale County home this week.

Deputies say thanks to the quick thinking of the victim, the burglar was apprehended moments after the attempted burglary took place.

It’s an unassuming home, on the top of a hill facing CR-9 in the Underwood community, and sheriff’s investigators say it was the target of a burglary this past weekend.

But according to investigators, when the burglar returned a few days later, he got a surprise he certainly wasn’t expecting.

“She rose up and seen him in the house, and asked him to leave and he made a step or two towards her,” explained Investigator Clifford Whitten. “She kept asking him to leave, and she pulled a gun on him, and told him to leave.”

Whitten says once the woman raised the gun, the man turned and ran from the home.

With a description of the suspect, sheriff’s deputies were able to locate him in a field not far from the home near CR-281.

Investigators have charged 51 year-old Carlos Wayne Webster with second-degree burglary.

Whitten says the woman was very shaken after the incident, “She was hysterical after this. I mean, she had to go to a doctor after this to get something to calm her down before we could talk to her later.”

Authorities believe Webster burglarized the home during the weekend, stealing copper wire, metal cabinets and anything else of value.

Investigators plan to present their findings from the weekend burglary to an upcoming Lauderdale County grand jury.

Carlos Webster is free from jail on a $2,500 bail.

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