KILLEN, Ala. (WHNT) – Students in Lauderdale County hosted a full-scale concert at Brooks High School featuring the Velcro Pygmies on April 13.

It was the latest student-led event sponsored by the Reach And Teach program, which teaches students about entrepreneurship, marketing, and other things related to the entertainment industry.

The Reach and Teach program teaches students in class how to organize and produce a live concert in about 10 weeks. Reach and Teach co-founder April Clark told News 19 that this program gives students a unique opportunity to get real, hands-on experience working with others.

“The students started with setting goals, analyzing their target market, creating ticket prices,” Clark explained. “Anything you can think of that goes into creating an event, these students have done 100 percent by themselves.”

Clark told News 19 that students from all around Lauderdale County work together to produce these concerts. One of their main goals is to help students who are shy or socially awkward become more comfortable in group scenarios.