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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) – Opening statements and testimony began Tuesday morning in the murder trial of Brian Martin in Colbert County.

Martin is accused of killing his father in the front yard of his home over an owed debt.

A gun yielding son coming to collect a debt at any cost, or a sword waving father threatening to kill his son; two very different pictures the state and defense are trying to paint in Brian Martin’s murder trial.

Tuesday morning in front of a jury of 8-women and 6-men, prosecutors laid out the events that unfolded on May 11,2011 that led to the shooting death of ‘Boo Boo’ Scott.

Prosecutors say that Brian Martin gunned down his father in front of his home on East Second Street in Tuscumbia over a debt of eleven-hundred dollars.

The State contends Martin and Scott had been arguing all day over the debt and Martin was in the process of having utilities and cable shut off at the apartment.

Defense attorney’s spent nearly thirty minutes describing to the jury the love-hate relationship between Scott and Martin.

Brian Martin’s attorneys say that Scott called him to come to the house to pick up the money after the two argued earlier in the day.

Just after 9-pm, defense attorneys contend the two started arguing after Martin returned and a sword was pulled out by ‘Boo Boo’ Scott.

According to defense attorneys, the entire altercation was recorded by Brian Martin on his cellphone, and the evidence will show that he was acting in self-defense during the shooting.

Prosecutors started calling witnesses to the stand Tuesday morning.

The trial is expected to last the entire week.