BREAKING NEWS: Montgomery Police Surround Home

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A person is hiding inside a Montgomery home, but law enforcement cannont confirm it is Auburn shooting suspect Desmonte Leonard.

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange says a 911 call came in saying someone who looked like Leonard was seen in a house.  Mayor Strange says law enforcement knows someone is holed up in that home, but they have had no communication with that person.

Montgomery Police Sergeant Regina Duckett says officers did release tear gas into the house, and she is surprised the person is still inside after that.

Mayor Strange says no one in law enforcement has seen the person inside the home, but two other witnesses have told them it is Desmonte Leonard.  He says cameras have been deployed inside and around the home.

The neighborhood has been partially evacuated, according to the mayor, while other residents have been told to stay inside their homes.  Mayor Strange says the subdivision is secure, and law enforcement are prepared to wait it out as long as necessary.

 Video from the scene shows dozens of patrol cars, plus ambulances and fire trucks blocking the streets of a subdivision.

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